Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Tucson New Belgium Brewing Urban Assault Ride

This couple completed today's skateboard obstacle with total style!

I spent the morning shooting pictures of the 2012 New Belgium Brewing Urban Assault Ride  ride in Tucson.  They describe the event as: "The funky bike scavenger hunt where teams hit checkpoints all over the city -- completing crazy obstacles at each stop."

 Lots of bicyclists having lots of fun on a beautiful Tucson day.   Quite a few people went all out on their attire for the day, such as Fred & Wilma Flintstone in the photo.

Two person teams lined up in Reid Park and then ran to their bikes and started off to find the obstacle checkpoints located in the city, each team choosing their own routes and order of checkpoints.

...and they're off!  running to find their bikes

out of the parking lot...

I jumped in my car (sigh) and drove down to one of the obstacle checkpoints down near Fourth Ave.  Nice flowers!  Then off to a couple of more checkpoints to take photos before eventually returning to Reid Park for the finish.

Here is my full flickr set of 63 photos from the event as a slide show... Click the lower right expand button to view full screen. Enjoy!


  1. You have a bunch of weird but fine looking people down there in the Old Pueblo!

  2. @Bruce -- indeed! and that's a good thing! The thing that struck me were all the smiles, smiles everywhere. :)


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