Sunday, January 22, 2012

UofA Crit bike race

 Early saturday morning I went down to the UofA campus to take a few pictures of bicycle races being held as part of the UofA Crit race.  The sun was just beginning to rise when the first race started, so lighting was a bit challenging.  But I had fun trying to get used to new camera features and the challenges that come with trying to capture fast moving objects -- learned a lot, including that I have a lot to learn about bike race photography, especially in lowish light!

Before I could enjoy the benefits of shooting in full sunlight, it was time to head off to breakfast and get ready to go downtown to Tucson's "Dillinger Days" -- pics of that event soon to be posted.

[New to me #8, photographed a bike race.]

Speaking of the UofA...   For any of my Tucson area blog readers, the University of Arizona College of Science holds a free public lecture series every year, each year on a different subject.  I've attended the last couple of years and found the lectures to be outstanding.  This year's public lecture series of 6 lectures will address the science and related issues of aging: "Living Beyond 100".  The lectures are held on Tuesday evenings at 7pm in Centennial Hall, beginning January 24th (this Tuesday).

A word to the wise, these lectures are quite popular and have run out of space at times in the past, so if you go be sure to show up earlier than you think necessary.  Doors open at 6:30ish and its not unusual for there to be a large crowd gathered already waiting.

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  1. Gosh, I think your pix are great!

    Re those talks: I think they're going to be available as podcasts via Itunes. I plan to check them out.


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