Monday, December 5, 2011

BICAS Bicycle Art Auction 2011

 Here are a few of the many items that were up for silent auction last Sunday night at this year's BICAS bicycle art auction.  This annual fundraiser features art that either represents some bicycle theme or is made using one or more bicycle parts.  Some incredible creativity here.  Look closely at the dog sculpture above and you will see many different bicycle parts. 

[Note: All of the pictures in today's post are taken with my iPhone 4s -- I was curious how it would perform in available light at night]

 large flower pedal

 owl make of bent and flattened tire rims, sprockets, and other parts

 knitted wrapped tricycle

robot coin bank

 now this was cool -- a ray gun made of bicycle hubs, brake lever and a bike bell -- pull the trigger and it made a nice bell sound.

framed in a bicycle rim, this face was made of many strips of colored paper

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