Thursday, September 8, 2011

Portland Art Museum 5/5

An outstanding multi-floor wall display of art and shadows.  Lots of interesting shapes casting interesting shadows.  I really liked it -- great concept!

great shapes & details -- very cool to view & study from different distances & angles

Looking down the wall...
[it really is looking down the wall, but to me my picture looks like a ceiling shot]

Looking up the wall...

Well, that wraps up my pics from a day in Portland and a week in Oregon back in August, 2011.  All in all it was a great time: visiting friends and relaxing along the coast, driving the Gorge, spending a day in Portland, listening to some great music at the Pickathon, and taking a few pics along the way.

[Links: A blog I've been following for a while is Semi-True Tales Of Our Life On The Road which provides a really nice armchair experience of Odel & Laurie's RV travels -- great pictures, great ideas of places worth visiting someday.   Laurie's latest post has some excellent Mt. Rainier pictures.]

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  1. Very effective stylization of the attractive woman, absorbed in her sewing. Nice flowing purple cloth leading into the distance. Quite different, and somehow the same, as this woman resting from her sewing in a sunny garden, painted by American impressionist artist Frederick Carl Frieseke, The painting can be seen at, and ordered as a canvas print.


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