Sunday, September 6, 2009

reflections on water

I escaped town today with a short drive up Mt. Lemmon (one of the mountains surrounding Tucson) to listen to bands perform at Music on the Mountain in Summerhaven. The forest was wet from morning rains -- very pleasant for walking around and taking a few snaps before the music began. The rain droplets at the end of pine needles looked like blown glass ornaments.

No passing this puddle in the center line strips of the road. I decided to try my luck at "working the angles" of pothole water reflections. This angle gave a surreal reflection of some pine tree trunks along the road.

A puddle pines for time it will return to the sky.

my muddled leaf image is all wet...

Footprints from the sky

Time to walk back and catch some tunes!

Back up in Summerhaven it was time to kick the shoes off with the rest of the crowd and listen to some great groups perform, such as the Nathan McEuen Band (above). It was very relaxing sitting under the large tent listening to the tunes, raindrops hitting the tent, and thunder in the sky. Nice.


  1. That sounds like a good day! Music, tent and rain .. The only other thing I would need is a Hammock!lol

  2. Oh and I like the Footprint pic the best..

  3. Tonia -- thanks, It is interesting how much the clarity of the water and angle of reflection changes the reflected image and whether the image reflected in color or monochrome. I think a few other hikers must have thought it odd to see me walking in circles around a puddle while stooping to different levels... *grin*

  4. Fabulous capture of images in the puddles!!! and great comments as usual.
    We have not made it up to Mt Lemmon yet--we'll have to get up there-I see log homes in the back ground calling me to come see. :)
    (curious what you know about the skiing there? I've heard good and bad.)

  5. Jen -- thanks, and I didn't even drop my camera in a puddle. re: skiing up there... I don't downhill ski but there is a ski area up there and a short downhill. Season is frequently short. Most of the people that I know who are serious skiers seem to drive to the better & longer season slopes in Arizona's White Mountains or the Ski area in Flagstaff.

  6. These reflections are so good, Warren. And that drop of water is perfect, just perfect. I know you had a good time there and then again at home when you got a closer look at your photographs.

  7. Lynette -- I like the way the droplet reflects other pine needles as streaks.

  8. I haven't been able to make water droplets sparkle like that in photos yet, but I keep trying. Your reflection images are mesmerizing. And, that bare branch looks like it's sprouting out from the sky "footprint!"

  9. Diane -- thanks! the bare branch photo surprised me too, I think I got real lucky with lighting that day and then was able to work the reflection angles to take advantage of it.


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