Sunday, November 20, 2011

routing electrons

These very large conduits are part of the overhead electrical feeds for a new HPC datacenter at the UofA.  The electricians did a incredible job of bending and routing all these conduits. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

2011 All Souls Procession (Tucson) videos

I only took still photos of the All Souls Procession for my blog this year, so I went looking on YouTube to find a couple of videos to share more of the look and feel of this great event.

Here is a great video by T. Stone of the 2011 All Souls Procession that includes some great shots of finale firedancers:

This is another person's short video of the portion of the finale where the urn (people placed remembrance notes/messages in it earlier as it was pulled along the Procession route) is lit on fire. This year there were three aerialists suspended from the crane including a silk performance artist.

And a more distant video of the urn lighting by Johnnyangelb that shows the height of the crane:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011 All Souls Procession

I enjoyed participating in this year's All Souls Procession held Sunday night in downtown Tucson -- such a cool event!  I look forward to it every year as one of my favorite Tucson events.  Here are a few pictures I took during this year's Procession.  The couple above really out did themselves -- great look!

These guys sounded great!

Part of the pyrotechnic theatrical show during the finale at the end of the Procession

I was surprised to find after the fact that there is a ghost-like person behind a veil to her left.

Slideshow of my full set of pics from the 2011 All Souls Procession

To view my All Souls Procession posts for previous years, click on the All Souls Procession label below (and keep hitting older posts until you run out posts on the topic).

Did any of you attend this year?  How did you like it?